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Guernsey housing stock

From beautiful granite farm houses, elegant town houses, to the latest contemporary design, the variety in housing stock is well represented on Guernsey.

In regard to residency, most UK nationals will automatically qualify for a right to abode, however, you will generally only be able to purchase or rent Open Market property. 7% of the available housing stock (roughly 1600 properties) are classed as Open Market on Guernsey, albeit only a small proportion of which are available to purchase or rent at any one time. Open Market are more expensive to buy (and rent) than Local Market properties. 

Property search

There are many advantages of using a buying or search agent in an unfamiliar jurisdiction and location. At GPS, our detailed knowledge of Guernsey, its people and its offering as a place to live, work and play, coupled with our unrivalled access to the property market enables us to judge the real value of a property to our clients. This will be reflected in the eventual purchase price negotiated.  By getting to understand our client's priorities, we can ensure that we select the right property in the right location, mindful of those priorities adding to our client's quality of life and overall experience when they finally make the move to the island.

For help finding currently available Open Market property on Guernsey please contact our team directly. To find out more concerning Guernsey housing and regulation, please use the links below.

States of Guernsey website - Property
States of Guernsey website - Population Management