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A personal approach

At GPS, each client brief is handled both discreetly and exclusively by either Sophie or Robin and in some cases by both.

Buying or renting residential property in Guernsey is a very different proposition to purchasing or renting in the UK for example. At GPS we will individually take you through all the necessary steps. Our in-depth local knowledge and familiarity of Guernsey’s unique characteristics is an essential part of our service. This is particularly the case for those clients who are unfamiliar with Guernsey and its 10 disparate parishes, but whose expectations are to be met within the price budget.

Having found the right property, we believe our true value as professional property search agents to our clients is delivered through the deployment of our expert negotiation skills to secure the property at the right price be they purchases or lease agreements.

Part of our drive and passion at GPS includes identifying and sourcing properties which are not necessarily available on the open market. Many potential sellers on the island prefer a covert marketing approach providing us with the opportunity for a discrete and confidential private sale.


In regard to residency, most UK nationals will automatically qualify for a right of abode (click here for further information) however you will generally only be able to purchase or rent an Open Market Property. 7% of the available housing stock (roughly 1600 properties) are classed as Open Market albeit only a small proportion of which are available to purchase or rent at any one time and tend to be significantly more expensive than Local Market properties.


Getting to know Guernsey

Guernsey enjoys an active social life including local music, art, history, restaurants, cafes and bars to suit all tastes. The warm climate encourages the outdoor life including golf, sailing, fishing and surfing. Click the button to discover more on the official Visit Guernsey website.